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La Baie
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    Le Domaine de Keryoualler: calm close to the ocean in South Finistère

    Geographic location

    Located only 500 meters from the beach of Pendruc and accessed by a private road lined with cypress (pedestrian access) the estate in the heart of 25 hectares of a single tenant offers you an absolute calm.

    The property inscribed in a lifestyle close to nature and far from nuisances is surrounded by meadows, chestnuts, oaks and Breton moors.

    Come to enjoy the Domaine de Keryoualler (Family Ownership and Biological Exploitation) is to regain the pleasure of space and a framework of natural and restful life.

    The Domaine is not crossed by any road or access road other than that of the property.

    The children can therefore play without risk other than that related to the games of their age ...

    The whole structure (entirely made of granite stones) dates from the XVI, XVII and XIV century and is divided into 6 gites.

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      Some are adjoining and thus accommodate groups of friends or large families, while preserving the privacy of each.

      The sea and the coastal footpaths are immediately accessible from the property and along the gorse and the genets you will join the famous GR 34, the beaches, the tip of Trévignon or the bay of Pouldohan.

      The small natural area offers you beautiful walks and hikes starting from the Domaine and strolling along the coastal paths or in the Bretonne countryside.

      To join Trévignon and its port or Pont Aven (about 10 kms) and to reach the rivers of Bélon or the Aven (kayak rental) allows you to follow maritime rivers that follow the amplitudes of the tides and offer several landscapes a day.

      Concarneau and its enclosed city, are located less than 9 kms and the town of Trégunc (3 kms) offers all the necessary shops and summer leisure (surfing, sailing kayak, tennis etc) sought after.

      Finally the lovers of intense surf will join the famous spots of the bay of Audierne where the beach becomes an unlimited playground.

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        THE 6 GÎTES ...

        A domain of 25 hectares with Gites and independent gardens, 2 swimming pools heated (in season) with 2 steps of the ocean.

        You will also find individual gardens where you can take your sunny breakfasts, spend your evenings following the orientations or lie down in the deck chairs available, a common plot with picnic table and swing for young children, Volleyball net ...

        An outdoor swimming pool is open and heated from the beginning of June until the end of September (depending on weather conditions); The two swimming pools are open and heated in July / August.

        The pools are secured. The bathing of the children is done under the strict supervision of the parents.

        You will find in each gite equipped with Wifi,

        Books, magazines and magazines, board games, television.
        Barbecue usable subject to common sense and cautionary precautions
        Possibility of loans of game of balls and Badminton.
        The parking of the vehicles is provided near the lodgings with location delimited.

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                       Sortie aux Glénans

          Tourism, hiking and leisure ...

          The beaches of Trégunc.
          With approximately 23km of coastline, the commune of Trégunc proposes you many quality beaches (fine sand, small coves, coves, rocky coasts towards the tip of the Mare or the tip of Trévignon) which are accessible directly from the Domain by a Walking path.

          These beaches (located in front of the Glénan Archipelago) are still preserved and allow of course to bathe but also to stroll and discover the foreshore

          The like of Trégunc: 100 km of footpaths, on foot or by bike and activities.
          The town offers many hiking trails and GR. The bike is a good combination (rental in Trégunc or ready for the Domaine) with routes for cyclists of all ages (especially children) Brittany not known for its summits ...

          The market in Trégunc: Organic Tuesday afternoon (we recommend) and traditional Wednesday morning allow you shopping nearby.

          The point of Trévignon or the end of wild Brittany.
          Accessible from the coast and from the Domaine (about 10 km round trip), (or by bike by road) this hike offers you a beautiful destination along the beaches and allows to win the small port of Trévignon.
          In summer regular arrival of boats, sales of fish and crustaceans and market on Sunday morning.

          To taste the Breton lobster whose intensity of blue (extraordinary) is at the height of its flesh and its incomparable taste.

          The Glénan
          On this string of islands with sand bench and heavenly beaches (access by boat from Concarneau) is still present the mythical school of sailing eponymous;
          A sailing course is not impossible ...

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