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  • Tourism les-plages-de-tregunc 1

    The beaches of Tregunc

    With approximately 23 km of coast, the town of Trégunc proposes you numerous beaches of quality (fine sand, small coves, handles, rocky coasts) which are accessible from the Domain by a pedestrian way.

    These beaches (located in front of the Glénan Archipelago!) Make it possible to reach the tip of the mare or even further, the point of Trévignon, where beautiful hikes are possible without crossing a vehicle.

    • Tourism tregunc-100-km-de-sentiers-a-pieds-ou-a-velo 1

      Trégunc: 100 km of trails, on foot or by bicycle.

      The town offers many walks and hikes according to the GR or walks still to be imagined. The bike is a good combination (rental in Trégunc) with cyclists of all ages (especially children), Brittany not known for its summits ...

      • Tourism la-ville-de-concarneau 1

        The city of Concarneau

        The town of Concarneau has long remained inside its ramparts, its city closed. Then neighborhoods developed around this city-island.

        Today, the third largest fishing port in France, the first tuna port in Europe, Concarneau is populated by 20,000 inhabitants.

        - Ville-Close: This is the most visited historic monument in Brittany, it is built on a rocky island and surrounded by a medieval wall strongly remodeled in the 15th and 16th centuries, then restored on the indications of Vauban, architect Of Louis XIV. From its ramparts, numerous points of view on the fishing port, the marina and the bay (Pointe du Cabellou, Iles des Glénan ...).

        - The fishing port: In the heart of the city, it offers a perfect harmony between ancient and modern techniques. Back and forth of boats, unloading of fish and sale at the auction ...

        - Museum of Fishing: Located in the exceptional setting of the enclosed city walls, the museum displays the history and techniques of sea fishing from around the world on 1500 m2. In two hours of sightseeing (slideshows, models, showcases, boats), you will know everything about "who fishing what, where and how", on the construction of ships and on all methods of fish conservation.

        - The Marinarium: Showcase of the Station of marine biology, it plays the role of interface between the general public and the researchers. It shows the science being done in the field of marine life, the environment and the future of the oceans. The Marinarium is located in the oldest marine biology station in the world (1859), now attached to the National Museum of Natural History.

        • Tourism pont-aven 1


          Under the famous name "School of Pont-Aven" were grouped painters of the late nineteenth century having lived and been inspired by this small Breton port. First Americans, including Robert Wylie attended Pont-Aven and then Paul Gauguin (who arrived in 1886), Émile Bernard, Paul Sérusier, Charles Filiger, Maxime Maufra, Henry Moret and Ernest de Chamaillard. Different styles have been practiced, including the synthesis of Félix Jobbé-Duval and Impressionism, born with Claude Monet.

          A museum allows to discover these painters.

          The city, still dedicated to the arts, contains some thirty galleries of paintings around the port and the famous river with 14 mills.

          Many writers and poets also lived there, such as Coppee, Brizeux, Xavier Grall or Theodore Botrel.

          Pont-Aven also manufactures its famous little sweet cakes.

          - It should be noted that most of the painters who lived at Pont-Aven came out of this town to paint the outer villages, which were more wild than the town. Thus one can strongly advise to go to Riec-sur-Belon, a few kilometers to the east of Pont-Aven, in order to walk on the paths that frequented these painters, between the so calm and lost ports of Rosbras and Belon, particularly along the river between Belon and Penquernéo.

          • Tourism la-pointe-de-trevignon-ou-la-fin-de-la-bretagne-sauvage 1

            The point of Trévignon or the end of the wild Brittany

            The town offers many walks and hikes according to the GR or walks still to be imagined. The bike is a good combination (rental in Trégunc) with cyclists of all ages (especially children), Brittany not known for its summits ...

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